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Zolf's professional blow dry brush is one of the most technologically advanced Round Hair Brushes on the market today. We use anti-static ion bristles that is gentle on the scalp while blow drying any hair type. It gives volume to fine thin hair, smooths curly hair, adds shine, and styles hair without breakage. Keeping your hair smooth and silky!


Our custom design Ion charged bristles stimulate your hair follicles while blow drying, as well as promoting healthy hair growth. Ceramic coated barrel hydrates the hair cuticles by adding shine, eliminating frizz, and helping distribute even heat for faster drying. Lastly, this round handle is ergonomic which means this brush is light and easy to grip even while blow drying. The little orange divider provides easy sectioning while styling your hair. Provided brush cleaner keeps brush after each use.


Zolf's blow drying/styling round hair brush is made up of ceramic coated barrel with Ion infused bristles/Nano technology. These help dry & style thick hair faster, smooths curly/frizzy hair, creates texture & volume to fine hair. includes small brush cleaner. 43mm 1.69" Med size Ceramic Round Brush.


About this item

  • ROUND HAIR BRUSH ceramic coated barrel helps distribute heat evenly/helps style & dry hair faster.
  • Anti-static Ion bristle brush is gentle to scalp, creates volume, and adds shine while stimulating healthy hair growth.
  • Ergonomic round handle is comfortable & light weight while blow drying hair
  • Orange hair pick is a good sectioning tool, it helps section hair for faster blow drying
  • Hair brush cleaner keeps your hair brush clean & ready.

Zolf Round Hair Brush 1”

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